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Letter A

Loved by: Pat Winkler.
DOB: 07/27/2000
Pat's little girl.

Letter B

Betty Boop
Loved by: Suzanne Hladun
Our wonderful little ballerina Betty Boop was taken too early by cancer.
Loved by: the FCHS.
Long time house guest and mascot for FCHS.
Loved by: Jeanie Cortesini.
In memory of sweet Bella.
  Loved by: Hope Hoffman  
Such a sweet little Pom, I will miss seeing you, Scarlett and Cammie playing together and chasing each other, fighting over toys. You loved to cuddle and have your belly rubbed all the time. You are now playing with Oreo. Forever in my heart.  

Letter C

  Calvin Loved by: Tom Fitzpatrick.
Beloved pet of Tom.

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Letter J


Loved by:
Elizabeth Nicholas.
Almost 14 years ago, as newlyweds, my husband and I found a sweet puppy at the FCHS.  As luck would have it, he was adopted out before we could get him, but we are so thankful for that, because we found and adopted our first baby Jimmy.  He was the light of our lives, our comedian, protector, confidant and best friend.  We will always lovingly refer to him as the "best 50 bucks we ever spent!".  Thank you FCHS for that gift, we will  be forever grateful.

Letter K


Letter L

  Miss Lucy Loved by: Tara Ryan
To the wonderful Miss Lucy who died today (June 20, 2014).  We love you and will miss you forever. Please say hello to Seamus, Beau, Wolfe, Saphho and and Kelly.

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Letter T

Loved by: Tim and Connie
Our long time friend, and ruler of the house.

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